Advisor Recruiting

advisorsMany large property casualty insurers today offer some type of financial services to their clients.  While their offerings may be limited and/or mediocre at best, they still do a lot of financial service business with their insurance clients.  The fact is, many insurance clients trust their agents and turn to them for help with retirement planning and investment assistance.  And why wouldn’t they?  You already have a good relationship with them, and you’ve known many of them for years.  They trust you to help them protect their biggest assets.  And that trust is the most valuable thing you have.

Our research has shown that most big insurance companies claiming to provide financial services are really just selling annuities and life insurance.  While these products are good in many situations, they’re by no means a “one size fits all” investment solution.

At Turning Point Financial we offer your clients comprehensive financial planning.  This could include an annuity or life insurance if appropriate, but it is usually so much more.  Our investment management service scours a universe of over 4,000 no load mutual funds, over 1500 ETF’s, individual stocks & individual bonds to find the best place to invest our clients money.  We build model portfolios for all levels of risk tolerance with a focus on minimizing volatility, while maximizing returns.

We are looking for independent property casualty agents who want to increase their income by offering true financial planning to their clients.  We don’t want you to turn over your agency to us (although we are open to discussing a succession plan with you if you’re thinking of retiring soon).  Our model can allow you to increase your revenue but not increase your work load.  This happens by your being able to share in the fee revenue that comes from financial services that we provide to your clients.  Or, if you would feel more comfortable providing the financial services yourself, we’ll give the platform and training to do that.  Either way, it’s a win for both you and your clients.  Don’t leave any more money on the table.  Your clients are investing with someone, somewhere.  Why not with you?

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