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Federal Reserve Cuts Stimulus As Expected

By Jonathan Spicer and Jason Lange WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The U.S. Federal Reserve on Wednesday announced a further $10 billion reduction in its monthly bond purchases as it stuck to a plan to wind down its extraordinary stimulus despite recent turmoil in emerging markets. Fed Chairman Ben Bernanke, who hands the central bank's reins to…
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Senate Close To Ending Shutdown And Increasing Debt Ceiling

It looks like the Senate leaders are finally getting close to ending the two week long government shut down and once again increasing the nations debt ceiling.  While the government shutdown has only affected about 15% of the operating government programs, it's put a big black eye on bickering members of the Senate.  The media…
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Obama Making College More Affordable

President Obama unveiled a plan today that is aimed to make college costs more affordable.  The plan, he says, will rate colleges on the value they provide for the money students spend, and then tie those ratings to Federal student aid.  The plan would also include provisions allowing those paying off student loan debt to limit…
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401K Contribution Limit For 2013

Get ready to save some more money!  For the second year in a row, the IRS has increased the 401K contribution limit by $500.  In 2013 the 401K contribution limit will be $17,500, pre-tax.  For 2012 the limit was $17,000, pre-tax.  Of course, your 401K contributions come out of your paycheck before you have taxes taken out.  This…
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