Build A Bank

moneyMany American’s have shared the dream to build a bank of their own.  Most people in this country have used a bank to finance something in their lives such as their own home, car, boat, RV, college or investment real estate.  The concept that you could build a bank of your own opens up all kinds of possibilities to help you achieve financial success.  Banks are one of the few business models that can make money whether interest rates are high or low.  It really doesn’t matter to them. 

When you borrow money from a bank to finance the purchase of something, you pay interest to that bank for the privelage of using their money.  Depending on the terms of the loan, you may end up paying more in interest charges than for the purchase itself.  Just think, if you had the ability to build a bank for yourself, all that interest could be coming right back to you, instead of going to a third party.  You are about to learn of a very little known strategy that allows you to easily build a bank of your own that you can use to finance purchases and investments in your life.

What could I finance?

The truth is, you finance everything you buy in life.  Either you borrow money from a third party and pay them interest (traditional financing), or you spend money that could have otherwise been earning interest for you (opportunity cost).  Either way, every purchase you make is costing you interest, so you are financing that purchase.  When you build a bank of your own, you create a vehicle that allows you to finance your own purchases so that you earn the interest on those loans instead of the bank earning it.  It also allows you to lend that money out to others and earn interest from them if you choose to.  The lending and financing possibilities are endless!

Why is banking such a great business?

Lets think about the banking model for a moment.  Banks gather deposits from their customers.  They have two things they can do with this money.  They can either safely invest it with the Federal Reserve and earn some interest on it (usually more than what they pay their customers).  By doing this the bank makes money with absolutely no risk.  Or, they can lend those deposits back out to other customers and charge an interest rate far more than what they are paying on the deposits.  This allows them to make even more money.  This method does have some risk because the customer might not pay the money back.  If this happens, the bank can come and take the collateral back (the car, boat, RV, house, etc.)  Whether the bank lets it sit at the Federal Reserve or lends it out, they make money.  Whether interest rates are high or low, they make money.  And they do it without taking on very much risk.

When you build a bank of your own, you create a financing vehicle that allows you to do the same thing.  It allows you to either keep your money invested in a safe place and earn a good interest rate, or to lend it out to yourself or others for purchases and investments.  But this is not all it does.  Using this strategy allows you to:

  • Recapture all the interest you pay on car purchases
  • Recapture all the interest you pay on any other purchases (real estate, boats, RV’s, college, credit cards, etc.)
  • Set your own repayment schedule that fits into your budget
  • Skip payments if you need to without having anyone come after, or damaging your credit
  • Get a loan at any time without an application, credit check, or approval process
  • Create your own financing company to finance ANYTHING

How does it work?

In order to build a bank of your own, you’ll need to follow some specific steps.  It’s not a very difficult thing to do, but most people in this country have no idea that it’s even possible.  This build-a-bank concept will teach you how to do the following:

  1. Creating your own banking system using cash-value, permanent life insurance.
  2. Funding or capitalizing your bank with money from your current cash flow or savings.
  3. Watching your bank safely grow and earn interest.
  4. Begin financing purchases in your life such as cars, boats, RV’s, investment real estate, college, etc.
  5. Set up your own repayment schedule for loans that you take.
  6. Create a series of your own banking policies to increase your wealth even more.
  7. Learn how to finance anything for your business

Creating your own bank is NOT a get rich quick scheme, it actually takes time and dedication.  Capitalizing your banking strategy is something you have to be committed to.  But the longer you stick to it, the more efficient it is, and the faster it grows.

Below is a short video that explains more about this concept of building your own bank.  The video refers to this strategy as the “Infinite Banking” strategy, but the concept is the same.

This next video is part 2 of the series and gives some specific examples of how you could use this concept to finance purchasing your cars. The example they use makes a reference to earning 5.5% on a CD from the bank, which is obviously outdated. But that only makes this strategy even more attractive given what you can earn inside these cash-value life insurance policies.

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