Business Owners


If you own a business, there are two things you are most likely interested in doing.  First, you want to attract good employees so your business can thrive and be successful.  Secondly, you want to have a way to save as much money as possible towards your own retirement.

We help our business clients establish and manage retirement plans for full-time employees.  Most business owners want to structure a plan that allows them to maximize their own retirement savings, while minimizing cost to the company.  In addition to company wide retirement plans, we can design benefit plan to benefit a much smaller group of top executives and key employees.  We help our clients find and implement the ideal retirement plan that meets their needs.

We also design and implement other group benefits packages such as health insurance, disability insurance, long term care, etc.  With a fast changing health care landscape, it’s important to work with professionals who understand how to take care of employees and the company’s bottom line too.