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4 ways to avoid charity scams this holiday season

Written by Alyssa Pry, Personal Finance reporter, Yahoo Finance, 12/3/18 After the shopping bender of the holiday weekend comes the sobering Giving Tuesday, a day to donate to charitable causes and give back to others. Last year, Americans donated $300 million to charities globally, and Tuesday starts the “season of giving,” says Michael Thatcher, CEO…
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How Tax Law Changes Will Affect Your Charitable Giving Deductions

The 2018 tax law changes still allow you to deduct charitable donations, but due to some differences in the new law, many of you will no longer benefit from your charitable donations.  The standard deduction for a couple is now increased to $24,000.  This means that it may be in your best interest to take…
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The Winking Dog

One of my energetic clients (who is 80 years old) recently recorded a CD of stories about  many of her beloved pets she’s had over the years.  She is an animal lover and has actively rescued and cared for stray animals for most of her life.  Pegge wanted to record some of her favorite stories onto a…
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