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Senate Close To Ending Shutdown And Increasing Debt Ceiling

It looks like the Senate leaders are finally getting close to ending the two week long government shut down and once again increasing the nations debt ceiling.  While the government shutdown has only affected about 15% of the operating government programs, it's put a big black eye on bickering members of the Senate.  The media…
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Supreme Court May Strike Down Obamacare

The US Supreme Court had it's second of three days for this historic case today, and it appears that the Republican appointees may band together to strike down Obamacare.  This would be a huge blow to Obama since it has been his biggest achievement in his Presidential term, and it would be happening just months…
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Thanksgiving Dinner Will Cost You More In 2011

Thanksgiving dinner will cost American families more in 2011, by about 13%, according to the American Farm Bureau Federation.  This is a much higher inflation rate than what the Consumer Price Index (CPI) would lead us to believe.  The most recent CPI rate showed an annual inflation rate of 3.5% for all items in the…
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