Will Obama Raise My Taxes?

“Will Obama raise my taxes?”  This is one of the biggest questions on most American’s minds right now.  As you probably know already, the Bush tax cuts are set to expire at the end of this year.  I’ve already written about this in a previous post (Read It Here).

In addition to everyone being in a higher tax bracket with less income, and paying higher taxes on stock dividends and capital gains, here’s a few other nasty tax increases that will be coming back in 2011 if Obama decides to do nothing:

Return of the Marriage Penalty

Right now, the standard deduction for married joint-filing couples is double the amount for singles. For this, we can thank the Bush tax cuts, which included several provisions to ease the so-called marriage penalty.  The penalty can force a married couple to pay more in taxes than when they were single.  Starting next year, the joint-filer standard deduction will fall back to about 167% of the amount for singles unless Congress takes action and the president approves.  We don’t know if that will happen.  If not, lots of lower and middle-income couples will face higher tax bills.

Now, the bottom two tax brackets for married joint-filing couples are exactly twice as wide as those for singles.  That ratio helps keep the marriage penalty from biting lower- and middle-income couples.  Starting next year, the joint-filer tax brackets will contract, causing higher tax bills, unless a change is made.

Return of Phase-Out Rule for Itemized Deductions

Before the Bush tax cuts, a nasty phase-out rule could eliminate up to 80% of a higher-income individual’s itemized deductions for mortgage interest, state and local taxes, and charitable donations.  The rule was gradually eased and finally eliminated this year. Next year, it will be back in full force unless Congress takes action — which is unlikely.  So if you itemize and have adjusted gross income above about $170,000 ($85,000 if you use married filing separate status), be ready for this phase-out rule to take a toll.

Return of Phase-Out Rule for Personal Exemptions

Before the Bush tax cuts, another nasty phase-out rule could eliminate some or all of a higher-income individual’s personal exemption deductions.  The rule was gradually cut back and finally eliminated this year.  But it will be back with a vengeance next year unless Congress blocks it. So be ready for another tax hike if your adjusted gross income exceeds about $252,000 if you file jointly; about $168,000 if you’re single; about $210,000 if you’re a head of household; or about $126,000 if you use married filing separate status. (For 2010, personal exemption deductions are $3,650 each, and they will be about the same next year.)

Right now there is a lot of discussion about the possibility of NOT letting all the tax cuts expire.  One scenario would include only letting them expire for couples making $250K or more.  It’s mostly Republicans who want to extend the Bush tax cuts, but there are a few Democrats who feel it’s a good idea as well.  As we get closer to the November elections we will probably get more clear direction on which tax cuts, if any, will be extended by Obama and his team.  As it stands right now, it appears that taxes will be going up in 2011 for all of us.

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  1. M. Hall
    Mark… I appreciate this article! One thing that was not mentioned specifically in your post is the fact that the Child Tax Credit will go from $1,000 per child in 2010 to $500 in 2011. May not be too significant for some, but for me, and those of us who have kids and make less than the phase out amount, it is material. For me personally, it basically means that due to this one credit phasing out, I’m going to have to pay $1,500 more in taxes (3 kids X $500) in 2011… and even more in 2012. Sucks. Hope Obama gets off his kiester and does something about it. Thanks!
    • Great point Mark, I should not have left that one out. If you have several children, this will be a big deal for you! There are even more ways that we'll all be paying more in taxes that I have not yet covered. I'll try to get some more posts on here so that people are aware of what may be coming.
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