Nathan’s Famous Hot Dog Eating Contest Airs Live July 4th on ESPN

There are certain things in life that just seem impossible to me. Near the top of that list is the amount of food competitive eaters can consume in a very short period of time. I am very impressed by what these super-human eaters can do, mainly because I have no idea how they do it.

Last year the reigning champion of the Nathan’s Famous Fourth of July International Hot Dog Eating Contest Joey Chestnut, defended his title by wolfing down 71 hot dogs (and buns) for the win. Miki Sudo ate 31 hot dogs to become the women’s champion, 6 fewer dogs than she ate the year before, which is also incredible!

I can’t even imagine eating 10 hot dogs, let alone 31 or 71! Can you?

Professional eaters are not just random people who happen to be walking through Coney Island and decide to enter this contest every year. These people practice and train for this, for years! Even thinking about eating that much food gives me a stomach ache!

Another thing than seems almost impossible to a lot of people is trying to figure out if they are saving enough money to get them through a comfortable retirement.

There are so many factors to consider here. How long will I live? How much will the cost of living go up over time? What kind of health care costs do I need to plan for? Where do I want to live? How should I invest to protect my money from a stock market meltdown? For a lot of people, even thinking about these questions gives them a stomach ache.

This is where working with a Certified Financial Planner® professional can help you across the finish line. A CFP® has practiced and trained their entire career to be able to help clients answer tough questions like these with confidence. No one can predict the future, just like no one can predict how many Nathan’s Hot Dogs Joey Chestnut will eat this year. However, by using sophisticated planning software, and proven planning strategies, you can rest assured that you’re on track to win.

I will definitely be tuning in to ESPN at noon on July 4th to see who the 2020 hot dog eating champion will be. And I hope that you will take a little time planning with me so that you can take home the title for your retirement.

UPDATE (In case you missed it):

Joey Chestnut captured the famed mustard-yellow belt for the 13th time by eating 75 hot dogs and buns, which is a new record. Miki Sudo once again crushed the women’s competition by eating 48.5 hot dogs and buns, which is a new women’s record.

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