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46% Of Millennials Think They Need $1000 To Start Investing. Is That True?

This is an interesting article by Emmie Martin with CNBC (with a few tweaks of my own). Many millennials may be hesitant to invest in the stock market out of fear of another collapse, but there's also a strong contingent who simply don't know that they're eligible to start. A recent survey from financial services app Twine found that…
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401K Contribution Limit For 2013

Get ready to save some more money!  For the second year in a row, the IRS has increased the 401K contribution limit by $500.  In 2013 the 401K contribution limit will be $17,500, pre-tax.  For 2012 the limit was $17,000, pre-tax.  Of course, your 401K contributions come out of your paycheck before you have taxes taken out.  This…
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Escaping 401K Fees

It is not well known that many 401K plans can be expensive for investors to keep money inside of.  Most employees never see the real cost of owning mutual funds through their 401K, and in fact, most people think of it as a FREE benefit from their employer.  This is completely understandable since your employer is often matching…
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