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Obama’s Speech Last Night

This was a great commentary on Obama's speech last night from Mohamad El-Erian from PIMCO: Judging from President Obama's impactful speech last evening, the Administration has at long  last recognized the severity of America's unemployment crisis and the need for a comprehensive policy response. U.S. President Barack Obama, flanked by Vice President Joe Biden and Speaker…
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Will U.S. Default On Our Debt?

We are getting close to the August 3rd deadline and many Americans are wondering, "Will the US default on our debt?"  The implications of this happening could be disasterous.  But the fact that we're in this position alone has probably already done a lot of damage to our credit reputation.  Here's a great article from the…
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Obama May Extend Bush Tax Cuts

Yesterday President Obama announced that he may be open to extending the Bush tax cuts at least for a little while. This article from the Wall Street Journal explains who might benefit from this.
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