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Year-End Tax Mailing Deadline Is Today – For Most Firms

Many people have been asking when the deadline is for year-end tax forms to be mailed out to customers.  The IRS has set a deadline of today, February 15th.  This is the day by which brokerage firms are supposed to have 1099-B forms in the mail...
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The Best Mutual Funds – Part 2

mutual-funds-IIWhen is comes to finding the best mutual funds, there are a lot of moving parts and features to consider.  Some of these things are much more important than others.  So if you're trying to find the best mutual funds, here are some more things you need to know...
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Why Do Investors Sit Tight In 401K’s?

bulls in down marketThere are bears. There are bulls. And there are sitting bulls. These are the legions of 401(k) investors who don't merely buy and hold; they buy, hold and sit stock-still. Even as the U.S. stock market fell 55% between October 2007...
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