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Why Inflation Is Your Enemy

Everyone knows about inflation, right?  It's causes the prices of things to go up over time.  When you're in your working and saving years, this isn't a huge deal and isn't always very noticeable.  Why is that?  Because while you're working, your pay is most likely going up every year, often at a rate greater…
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Motorcycles and Mud Holes

This last weekend I took my four boys out to ride motorcycles on a dirt track.  This is one of their favorite things to do, going fast and getting dusty.  The dirt track we rode at had some drainage issues that created a few problem areas.  The water had collected in low spots and turned…
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Inflation: A Retirees Biggest Enemy

Most people don't think of inflation as being their biggest enemy.  But reality shows that especially for retirees, rising costs of living can be the most devestating thing there is.  In 1981, a gallon of gas cost $1.35, about a third of what it costs today.  And the cost of an average home at that…
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