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401K Contribution Limit For 2013

Get ready to save some more money!  For the second year in a row, the IRS has increased the 401K contribution limit by $500.  In 2013 the 401K contribution limit will be $17,500, pre-tax.  For 2012 the limit was $17,000, pre-tax.  Of course, your 401K contributions come out of your paycheck before you have taxes taken out.  This…
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Year-End Tax Mailing Deadline Is Today – For Most Firms

Many people have been asking when the deadline is for year-end tax forms to be mailed out to customers.  The IRS has set a deadline of today, February 15th.  This is the day by which brokerage firms are supposed to have 1099-B forms in the mail to customers.  This deadline used to be on January 31st. …
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