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Year-End Tax Mailing Deadline Is Today – For Most Firms

Many people have been asking when the deadline is for year-end tax forms to be mailed out to customers.  The IRS has set a deadline of today, February 15th.  This is the day by which brokerage firms are supposed to have 1099-B forms in the mail to customers.  This deadline used to be on January 31st. …
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What Is A Blind Trust?

Many people wonder, 'what is a blind trust?'.  A blind trust is a type of trust that is commonly used by people who are in a government office or other public figures to help them avoid potential conflicts of interest.  In a blind trust, a trustee is assigned to manage the assets inside the trust…
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Why Is The Price of Gold So High?

Many investors are asking themselves, “Why is the price of gold so high?” This article answers that question and also discusses some of the best ways to get gold into your portfolio.
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