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Escaping 401K Fees

It is not well known that many 401K plans can be expensive for investors to keep money inside of.  Most employees never see the real cost of owning mutual funds through their 401K, and in fact, most people think of it as a FREE benefit from their employer.  This is completely understandable since your employer is often matching…
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US Treasury Downgrade – What Does This Mean To You?

A bond trader looks on as Treasuries rally. This weekend the US Treasury was downgraded by Standard & Poors from its AAA credit rating to AA Plus.  This is an historic event for our country, and not in a good way.  It signals a very real black eye on the financial strength of our system. …
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Back To School Jitters

The excitement that comes from buying a new stock is very much like how you felt as you were getting ready to go back to school.
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