Taxes are a very important part of financial planning.  Taxes eat away at your investment returns as well as your personal and business income.  Taxes are a huge part of your overall financial plan, and if properly planned for, can make a big impact on your retirement success.  We know that everyone wants to pay less in taxes, and we want to help you do just that!

We offer tax preparation services for individuals and corporations, as well as comprehensive planning to help find any possible way to minimize your tax bill.  We are diligent about staying up-to-date on current tax laws and in finding every opportunity for you to save some money, while staying in compliance with IRS statutes.

If you’ve tried using one of the popular “FREE” tax preparation websites and felt like you were stuck, you’re not alone.  If you click the wrong button, or forget to click on something else, you can easily end up who knows where!  And that can lead to missed opportunities, and a bigger tax bill.

Any paid tax preparer can crank out a return for you and say, “Here’s what you owe in taxes”  or, “Here’s what you’re getting back as a refund” and of course, “Here’s what you owe me.”  I’ve had plenty of those kinds of tax returns done for me by CPA’s.  As a business owner and as a hard-working American, I’m looking for strategies to reduce my taxes any LEGAL way that I can!  That kind of tax help takes more than someone filling in the blanks on your tax return.  It takes planning, conversation, getting to know the individual, finding out about their family, their business, their retirement savings, and so much more.

If you need help with real tax planning, or the IRS is breathing down your neck, call us for help.  Mark is an Enrolled Agent and can represent clients before the IRS.  Make an appointment today so we can help you keep more of what you made, any LEGAL way possible.

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All tax preparation, tax planning, tax resolution and accounting services are offered through Momentum Tax & Accounting, Inc.  Momentum Tax & Accounting, Inc. is a separate entity owned my Mark Kenison who is an Enrolled Agent.