Why Turning Point Financial?

Turning Point Financial, Inc. was founded in 2005 with a mission of helping individuals who are facing major life events to define, achieve, and live their dreams. Examples of this would include people nearing or already in retirement, selling a business, starting a business, facing a chronic illness, losing a loved one and more. After helping a client to gain a clear vision of what success looks like for them, customized financial plans are designed to ensure that they will accomplish their goals. Clients of Turning Point Financial are able to go through these life events with peace of mind, knowing that they can achieve success.

As a client of Turning Point Financial, Inc., you can rest assured that you’re in the competent hands of a fiduciary adviser.  A fiduciary must place the interests of the client first at all times.  This means that when you get advice from us, it’s advice you can count on.  We advise clients based on what they need and what will improve their lives, nothing else.

Whether you need help with investment management, retirement income, insurance protection, college funding, estate planning, or budgeting, we’ve got solutions for you.